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I came for the Mega Man Legends graphics and I stayed for everything else. Delta-Gal plays well, with a nice set of moves. Wall kicking take time to get the hang, but it's very satisfying to move and shoot around the levels. The game has a lovely presentation, with plenty of beautifully detailed (and bouncy, for some) characters. The demo offers a nice share of challenge, but I think it could use one or two adjustments:

- The hammer enemies strike really fast and I think they could use a short pre-attack animation so the player can tell the exact momentto dodge.

- Maybe the boss' damages should be lowered a bit. It's extremely hard to dodge its laser near the end.

That would be my take. I had plenty of fun and I hope this game gets to grow, improve and develop its own identity!

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I still haven't played through it all, but I am already in a rush to say the following: Awesome work dude!
I have a few ideas if that's okay.
1st_ if there could be two moving speeds, as in a specific button for sprinting (if there is one I probably missed it), that would be awesome, just giving the players an extra choice adds plenty more to the experience .

2nd_ I felt the way the character module spun with the player was  a bit unconventional, not that that's bad, but for me it didn't really fit, I'd go with having the module not move with the rotation of the camera, only with the player movement.

All in all, awesome experience so far, and definitely deserves a follow.

Btw, weird question, but are the trains inspired by Sonic Adventure DX? (just wondering)


For a game cut from the cloth of Mega Man Legends, Delta-Gal has absolutely no business playing this well! Running around the environments is an absolute joy, especially once you get a hang of the grappling hook and the wall-kick. Just about everything here works so well - the adorable presentation, the banger of a soundtrack, the genuinely funny dialogue, and a healthy dose of nostalgia. I'm putting money down on this right now and I'll happily do it again once more content drops.

I'm really excited to try this game out. I'm a big fan of mega man legends. I'm happy to hear you decided not to cancel.

I am going to have to look up the installation process. I seen you note on OSx installation. is the game working in catalina?

You mention where to navigate and drop off the package. My finder is not letting me navigate my drives. I found my apps folders but not the path you said to place it.

Just from the images of this game alone, ill be supporting this project. Hopefully,  I get back to work soon. Covid has my budget tight. 


Great game!


I've gotta admit, I haven't played a single Megaman game in my life, and I absolutely loved this. Awesome level design, intuitive controls, fun enemies, and cool bosses. 10/10 would play a bigger version.

Great game! Remember the old days!


This is amazing!!!!!!

i still hope it leaves its demo mode soon


Great game! It is in my Top 5 for this week!

Check the video

Nice fangame.

I'm probably gonna be playing on keyboard, but can you play this with a PS4 Controller? Just wondering

You can

Oh, alright, thanks!


Yes, I play this game with a PS4 controller; works great!


I found a bug: when changing the controller's mode to "noob", I can start a conversation with someone using B, but then I need to press A to go to the next sentence.


I have to say, this is so cute LOL!! Seriously, it's so cool to see that MegaMan Legends is still alive somehow, and is inspiring people to make very good games!!


Woo boy, I had a lot of fun playing this.  Thank you so much for this wonderful gem!


The Mega Man Legends nostalgia is hitting super hard with this, and the improvements over that series are wonderful. I really hope development continues smoothly so it can get all the care and polish it deserves! Keep up the good work! :)


I really liked playing this. The retro feeling and sweet controls. Great job :)

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I'm trying to play on Linux (NixOS)

For some reason, the game just spins at 100% CPU and never starts any window:

$ ./DeltaGalLinux.x86_64  
Set current directory to /home/armando/Downloads/Delta-Gal
Found path: /home/armando/Downloads/Delta-Gal/DeltaGalLinux.x86_64

I will try playing on Windows instead as a workaround, but hopefully we can figure Linux out :)

EDIT: Looks like it's not finding libX11. I'll Nixify all this and post results for other NixOS users :)

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how the fuck are you suppose to avoid a laser that moves faster than you can jump huh tell me that

I got killed ~30 times at the part.You have to jump with the right timing.

well the first boss should not be that hard

That's meant to be the final boss of the demo, the first boss is the mantis lol

oh well thats not much of a boss that was easy

I saw somebody playing this on youtube recently, it looks beautiful.

If it comes to steam I will buy it, even if it ends up being short.

In fact, I wouldn't mind buying it from early access.


This is such an amazing project! The controls are fluid, the graphics are perfect, the overall feel is great. Please bring this to Steam. This easily has the makings to be better than it's influence. Forget MML, Delta Gal is where it's at! <3

i am slightly less happy now that i know its still a demo but still happy

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Retro and fun



I am absolutely in love with this game's style! Great job :D




which engine you use BTW The games was beautiful i like mixture of pixelart and 3d it was giving a cool effect 

it also remind me of megaman.

 5 star

Unity, although I wouldn't say that it has a great support for this kind of artstyle.

I recently saw miziziziz making a game with ps1 style graphics in godot.

I don't know anything about gamedev but maybe you would like godot?


Отличная игра ... не могли бы вы добавить карту локаций и локации. 


I might add mini-map at some point at that will probably be the last big thing I update before calling the demo all together to focus only on the final game


It's so wonderful! I love the bright, colorful, optimistic aesthetic of Mega Man Legends! Looking forward to more!!

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Good one

This looks great!  How long have you been working on it?

Is there anywhere we can make bug reports? I know it isn't at all much, but I'd like in some why to help point out issues to be ironed out. Like, I noticed that if you die by taking damage from a bottomless pit, you don't die; instead, the game freezes

I'll make a dedicated place for that tomorrow. I'll have some more questions about the bug you encountered because I haven't been able to recreate it

Cool! Glad to hear it!

I'll see if I can manage to recreate and record it

Thank You!


This is one of the best concepts I've seen and am happy whenever I see development 


The 3D models, textures and pixel filters were all done really well. Plus, the gameplay is exciting and addictive! (Especially with the music!) Really well done so far :D

Is there any chance that this game could  be on the OUYA, nVidia ShieldTV or Retroid Pocket 2? That would be great. Looks awesome. I guess, with game pad controller input support it could run on Android 4.1 with OpenGL ES 2.0 or so.

I'm sorry but these platforms are not a priority, chances are very slim


This game is excellent! I check twice a day for new updates!

Definitely not pulling my hair out. Check it out and subscribe!

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