A downloadable demo for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Explore multiple areas, talk with friendly townspeople, fight not so friendly enemies, get better weapons and defeat the boss.

Follow for updates on the full game - ZetaGAL https://twitter.com/ArthurVyater

PC Controls:

Move/Look around: 
 WASD and mouse

Interact (talk to NPCs/Open doors/..):





Item controls:
Must own items to use

 While in air close to ( ) marker press (Jump)



Energy Bottle:
 Use Inventory menu

For gamepad controls look at the button layout in Controller settings

Special Moves:

  While in air press (dash)
  Can be used as an attack
  Will do a back flip and gain extra distance/height when kicking solid wall

  Dash forward and keep holding (move forward) and (dash)

  while sprinting, press (sword) to slide

Report Bugs:


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Delta-Gal_win_64.zip 52 MB
Delta-Gal_Linux.zip 53 MB
Delta-Gal-MacOSX.zip 52 MB

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Me encantó la estética del juego, que es como la combinación de anime y Nintendo 64 , y  las mecánicas del juego me gustaron bastante


woo, enjoyed the demo! looking forward to it


One of my favorite itch games!


By the way, can we know what engine you use to make this prototype and the full game?




Ist a amazing game, a really evolution for the megaman legends, this is a plan for a full game??

Yeah, I'm working on the full game. You can follow for updates here https://twitter.com/ArthurVyater


I love this!


pretty solid game, well designed. Great job dev!!!

thank you!!


Now I just wish this demo has a tutorial stage. I kinda don't like reading up controls because I feel lazy.

Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android???


Super cool game


Man, I loved this game, looking forward to seeing it complete, the designs are beautiful


I wish it was on a real PS1. It's great anyways.


this game reminds me of megaman legends

My favorite game from Itch.io. I highly recommend it. I really love the Gameplay and the Graphics and i made a Video about it


Great game, I love most things about it, could still be improved a in a lot of ways though

please make a 32 bit version i will die if i don’t make this game


Great Job! Love the early N64/PSX era graphics!

Hello, i'm an artist and a writer and would love to help finish your game


Hey Arthur, any chance of compiling the game for new macOS Big Sur ARMv8 64bit M1? The current mac x86 build is not working correctly with M1 ARM machines.


I've never played MML, so no idea how it compares to that, but I really really liked this.

The movement and gameplay were good fun, the world felt like a place (which isn't easy to achieve), the level design was interesting and I liked the art style (and music, iirc).

I hope there's some follow-up to this, because it felt quite refreshing to play.

I need permission of the creator to open it

necesito permiso del creador para poder abrirlo


For anyone curious about the game! Also thanks for dropping by the channel Arthur I truly appreciate it!


I really enjoyed my time with Delta-Gal. I'll 100% be buying Zeta-Gal when it becomes available.
A few small quibbles: 
As a MML fan I missed having a ledge grab. 
I found the dash to run to slide a little troublesome to activate in tight spots.
The final boss's laser attack was mean enough it felt like a stat check. I got annoyed by it and bought an extra blaster slot/power mod and defeated it before he could use it. 

(1 edit)

I had an actual BLAST finishing this, and I cannot wait for more. Hopefully this isn't too much but I have a couple notes and suggestions:

 I do think the text and textboxes don't mesh well with the art style? Also, Noob1's control scheme doesn't swap the save and restore menu (where A would be on a Nintendo controller, or how circle would select on Japanese Playstations). I'd really like a fully customizable control scheme in the full release.

Also, take a cue from NieR: Automata and have the lock-on be a chip that can be installed or removed! That'd add an awesome risk/reward mechanic.

EDIT: also I think being able to activate slide while dashing rather than while sprinting will make the move more useful. Perhaps it was just the version I played but the slide was for some reason really difficult to pull off?

Otherwise? Great. Seriously, I am so psyched for a full release, this might be the one indie game I'm more hyped for than any other.

Defeated the first boss, then couldn't jump back over the fence to leave. I had a look at a video by someone else and there were two stacked barrels, but in my version there was only one. Played on windows.

Really great aside from that. Visual presentation is cool and the game feels good to play.

you do have this info box, right? just kick the wall on the left. 


very good :D


Just incredible. The MML visual style is nearly 1 to 1, yet the game as a whole has it's own charm and identity that separates itself from being too much of a direct clone. The movement feels great, although I feel like the mid-air dash should launch me horizontally, instead of downwards. Dashing is also smooth and works well, but I found myself constantly holding shift thinking it would put me in dash mode (old habit). Everything else is simply perfect, from the character models and textures, to the environments and enemy design.

One other thing I want to mention is that if you press 7 on the keyboard, it launches the character into the air (a debug function I assume) and you can bypass a lot of content. I just wasn't sure if that's something you intended to leave in the current demo!

How do you get the sword. I am very confused because I have unlocked  everything in the game and even defeated that secret boss in the caves but I cant find the sword

It's in the forest 


I came for the Mega Man Legends graphics and I stayed for everything else. Delta-Gal plays well, with a nice set of moves. Wall kicking take time to get the hang, but it's very satisfying to move and shoot around the levels. The game has a lovely presentation, with plenty of beautifully detailed (and bouncy, for some) characters. The demo offers a nice share of challenge, but I think it could use one or two adjustments:

- The hammer enemies strike really fast and I think they could use a short pre-attack animation so the player can tell the exact momentto dodge.

- Maybe the boss' damages should be lowered a bit. It's extremely hard to dodge its laser near the end.

That would be my take. I had plenty of fun and I hope this game gets to grow, improve and develop its own identity!

(2 edits)

I still haven't played through it all, but I am already in a rush to say the following: Awesome work dude!
I have a few ideas if that's okay.
1st_ if there could be two moving speeds, as in a specific button for sprinting (if there is one I probably missed it), that would be awesome, just giving the players an extra choice adds plenty more to the experience .

2nd_ I felt the way the character module spun with the player was  a bit unconventional, not that that's bad, but for me it didn't really fit, I'd go with having the module not move with the rotation of the camera, only with the player movement.

All in all, awesome experience so far, and definitely deserves a follow.

Btw, weird question, but are the trains inspired by Sonic Adventure DX? (just wondering)


For a game cut from the cloth of Mega Man Legends, Delta-Gal has absolutely no business playing this well! Running around the environments is an absolute joy, especially once you get a hang of the grappling hook and the wall-kick. Just about everything here works so well - the adorable presentation, the banger of a soundtrack, the genuinely funny dialogue, and a healthy dose of nostalgia. I'm putting money down on this right now and I'll happily do it again once more content drops.

I'm really excited to try this game out. I'm a big fan of mega man legends. I'm happy to hear you decided not to cancel.

I am going to have to look up the installation process. I seen you note on OSx installation. is the game working in catalina?

You mention where to navigate and drop off the package. My finder is not letting me navigate my drives. I found my apps folders but not the path you said to place it.

Just from the images of this game alone, ill be supporting this project. Hopefully,  I get back to work soon. Covid has my budget tight. 


Great game!


I've gotta admit, I haven't played a single Megaman game in my life, and I absolutely loved this. Awesome level design, intuitive controls, fun enemies, and cool bosses. 10/10 would play a bigger version.

Great game! Remember the old days!


This is amazing!!!!!!

i still hope it leaves its demo mode soon


Great game! It is in my Top 5 for this week!

Check the video

Nice fangame.

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