A downloadable demo for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Explore multiple areas, talk with friendly townspeople, fight not so friendly enemies, get better weapons and defeat the boss.

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PC Controls:

Move/Look around: 
 WASD and mouse

Interact (talk to NPCs/Open doors/..):





Item controls:
Must own items to use

 While in air close to ( ) marker press (Jump)



Energy Bottle:
 Use Inventory menu

For gamepad controls look at the button layout in Controller settings

Special Moves:

  While in air press (dash)
  Can be used as an attack
  Will do a back flip and gain extra distance/height when kicking solid wall

  Dash forward and keep holding (move forward) and (dash)

  while sprinting, press (sword) to slide

Updated 2 days ago
Published 24 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorArthur Vyater
GenreAdventure, Platformer
TagsLow-poly, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Third-Person Shooter


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Delta-Gal_win_64.zip 50 MB
Delta-Gal-MacOSX.zip 50 MB
Delta-Gal_Linux.zip 52 MB


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this is great someone told me this game was dead but its clearly still active as of a few days ago 

i live for this graphical style

Controller configs don't seem to save on Linux. It just keeps saying controller not configured in the settings. I'm using a DualShock 4.

Thank you. Just tried it on Ubuntu, looks like one wrong way slash is the problem. You'll have to wait a day or so until I patch it unless you want a hack solution

It's no problem. I can wait a day or two. :)



Thank you for your work. It's a really nifty game and I'm looking forward to the finished product.

Retro and fun

i wonna play it but i cant ;-; *plays sad music*

Why not?


Very awesome megaman like game! It's Megaman legends done right lol. If this was released way back in the 90s-2000s I would play the hack out of it! Thank you for making the game. Please have a full version, I would gladly pay for it! 


I made it all the way through to the end of the game and I loved every second of it!

That first boss you fight after obtaining the shovel kinda jumpscared me, though! xP

Since I'm making a PS1/N64/DS styled game in Unity for SAGE myself... may I ask how you got these awesome graphics to work?

The LOD and Dithering is really well done!! :0

Keep it up! Can't wait to play more of this! :)

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I think I found a bug of some sort. I noticed pressing "I" on the keyboard locks the camera vertically and I have not found a key to unlock the camera from that position.

I also noticed that the trees in town, except for the ones at town hall, have no physical collision and you cant walk right through them.

With that said, amazing to see how far this game is coming compared to the first build you let people play. I am really happy you are not calling it quits, you really have something quite special here.


I too have accidentally hit the I key, its a tad annoying.


Thank You!


Part 2!

Holy carp, that boss. Most combat in the game felt very active, and I enjoyed that, but I wasn't expecting a bullet curtain boss. I like that it had a pattern I was able to pick up on without much trouble, but dodging the lasers, mostly blindly, was quite a struggle.

Hi I was playing it, uh, can you make the main character less sexual? It would be nice to have a main character that I'd actually like to look at or be able to ignore.



I think my suggestion has a valid point, making something mainly sexual, will detract from the main point of making a cool game, which is gameplay and an engaging story


I'll try to dial it back a bit.


Thank you good sir


Well yeah, true, i guess that makes sense, sorry if i sounded a bit rude with that

no problem man!

(1 edit) (+1)

Perhaps, though I am not sure I fully agree?

I will admit the butt waggle when sprinting is a tiny bit distracting but I don't really get how the character is overly sexualized outside of maybe the butt waggling with the sprint. Even then it comes off more cutesy to me than sexual in nature.

I know you say your suggestion is "valid" but you never really point out what exactly you see so "sexual" about the character. Perhaps adding a bit of specificity to what you find overly sexual?

Honestly, I really love the character's design personally and aside from that small bit of animation (Which, in my opinion isn't an issue) I am just not seeing it as sexual.


uh, the armor fitting directly to her ass, as well as front features
the overly shininess of the colors on the buttocks
I mean, its not really hard to see why its trying to be an attractive character design for a girl

Had to take another look, but I agree with you on this. The run wiggle seems more cute than sexy, although I will say she does come off bottom heavy. I feel that would be better fixed by simply adding mid-section armor for balance. Maybe more detail on the leg joints, since it looks like she's running around in bulky thigh boots.

Hey, the Mac version won't work as you supplied it.
I saw this a lot during Ludum Dare, the .app gets corrupted when uploaded by itself, it has to be placed inside a .dmg to protect it.
I was able to un-corrupt it using some terminal commands.  If you'd like I can package it in a .dmg and get it back to you.

(1 edit) (-3)

please add more content 


This game was fire holy, its like that one mega man game on the Nintendo 64. Keep up the great work! 

i pressed a button on my keyboard and now i can't look up and down, what happened?

prolly windows glitched out leaving key readings at whatever state they were in. just press Q again or alt-tab in and out of the game

Oh yeah i just restarted the game and it worked normally, also what's the character name? is it just delta gal?

DeltaGal is not her name, but it's what you can call her. 


Loved the game, it really feels like Megaman Legends, the ambience, the music and sound effects, really enjoyed all of that. Played the game on Linux and it runs super fine. 

I've seen people talking about the auto aim stuff. I would just make it configurable, something you can configure on options menu. Maybe a configurable crosshair would help too, although I am not a big fun on something  on the middle of the screen on 3rd person kind games.

It felt different playing using mouse and keyboard since I remember playing that kind of game using a psone controller. I was good though.

I can't say much about art, it's just amazing. And all the audio stuff, really good. 

Hope to play a final version in the future! Great work!


I manged to beat the demo as of 9/7/2020. I must have died 30 times against that last boss. This is the most fun I have had with a video game in years.


this demo is a moral victory.


Just did a gameplay test of the current build. This is one of my favorite games so far this year. I hope it gets completed. Keep up the good worth Arthur!

It may just be demo material right now, but Delta Gal has plenty of potential with a side of nostalgia. Some areas feel a little too linear, like walking a narrow path, but it's at least a good starting point with room to grow. The music is solid, the characters have decent personality, and I love the MegaMan Legends style it has going for it. I'm curious to see what comes in the future.

Good job, dev.
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Howdy - every time I try to configure my PS4 controller in the Mac OS version, it gets stuck at R1 and I can’t proceed mapping the buttons. Tried a number of troubleshoots. Just wanted to let you know. Game looks great, hope to try it with a proper controller soon!

(1 edit) (+3)

Cool concept, but I think it needs a little more gameplay wise. Add recovery or start up time to the dashes. Add a few more attacks for each enemy. Also I'm not a huge fan of the auto aim system. I prefer crosshairs even if they aren't completely accurate as long as they are consistent (starfox 64 as an example). I wouldn't change anything about the platforming, seems like a solid formula so far. 

The demo also feels very linear with little exploration. Leave town, do level, talk to guy, get shovel, go through hole, etc. I don't have to learn anything about the world to be successful, I just have to get my next objective and continue. But I think the shovel part was on the right track. Maybe have the player decide where to dig rather than automatically letting them progress. Add a few secrets that you can dig for and you have a more interesting and interactive world. 

TLDR; The two most important things to focus on with a small dev team would be combat and level design. Other improvements can come later if there is time. 

That's just me though. That's what I want to see more of in this game. 

my what a good game but i hate u suffered a lot to pass the boss to be forced to play come i love you what a good game i want you to die and live forever in the sky

iam using google translate 


The Hammer enemy is a bit hard for me
maybe a difficulty options


He's already nerfed. 
Here are your difficulty options:
Hard :
  - git gud
Medium :
  - explore world, find money/sword, buy health container
  - give up


Wow, very nice job dude.

I follow you a long time ago, and can't imagine, that someday i can play your game by myself!

This is true indie-gamedev, for demo this is amazing, congratulation and good luck with full game!


This is it! Fast, fluid, impeccably styled homage to a series long forgotten.  Very excited to see more!


:D 10/10, controllers are different from other games but you can get used to them after a few minutes

I downloaded this a couple days ago, and now after finally getting around to playing it, i loved this, i can't wait for more! the only problem i had was after the first boss, I had a bit of trouble trying to get over that fence, it was probably just me being bad, but i would like to adress that lol


this game is good very goo


Really really good!  As a fan of Megaman Legends / Rockman Dash I think it actually controls even better than those titles while retaining the same feel.  Truly an amazing job, and the bosses and even enemies were very inventive and fun!  I really hope to see this become a full title! 

I like Mega Man

That hammer monster is vicious... fun times overall though.

I would recommend leaving auto-aim on.


I'll try with auto-aim too then. :) 

Most fun I've had in a while. Check it out and subscribe!


Made a video


I'd love to play the full version of this. I will try to have my first video for this up tomorrow.

This is the Mega Man Legends 3 we've been waiting for!

how much ram would you recommend for this


Amazing game!! Loved the npcs, the design, the enemies, the town, etc. The controls were smooth and easy to get used to also. Please continue the great work on this game, this is the closest to MML3 any of us can get. Your doing an amazing thing here. Thank you :) 


I love this game already! Great work!

I have no idea how to get the treasure chest in the water town though, does anyone have any ideas? it's the only one i'm missing for demo 100% and I'm dedicated to getting it.

(1 edit)

Nevermind i'm dumb, For anyone else struggling as I have: If you're running and you press shoot you slide, slide under the wood panel and then jump up to the roof, drop down on the patio with the chest.


This is SO good. Mega Man Legends + parkour :P

Great level design, fun dungeons, super creative enemies, funny/silly NPCs, very challenging boss fightgs. Great game.

Seriously, I could play a whole mode of just "I know I can get there with wall jumps, let me figure out how"

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